Who am I?

If the aptly named url and nifty logo above doesn't state clearly, allow me; I am Marc Alan Fishman. Graphic Designer. Illustrator. Writer. Comedian. Husband. Capricorn. I think that covers it.

What's the site for?

Simply put: Far too often I create work that needs to be shared with the world. OK, the world may be too lofty. How about this: Sometimes a future employer wants a consolidated space where they can see all my work at their leisure, as opposed to a multi-page pdf clogging up their inbox. Enter the aptly titled marcalanfishman.com...

What can I do here?

Well, you can use the buttons above to see examples of websites / print work / other cool things I've designed, worked on, or otherwise had a hand in. And to make things easy? I let you know piece by piece what role I had. Cool, eh? In addition to that you can look at or download my resume, and find all the fun ways to get a hold of me. Past that, you can use the buttons down in the footer to be my friend or see some of those "non-work related" things I do from time to time. Sound like fun? I thought so.

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