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Marc Alan Fishman: Pixel Pusher turned Problem Solver

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A graphic designer turned marketing team-leader, Fishman turned his love and talent in design into integrated marketing leadership. With over two decades of professional experience, Marc has been integral in the creation of all the components of strong brands — across print, online, and event-focused collateral and messaging solutions.

Throughout his career, Marc has held numerous titles: from Art Director, Marketing Director, Interactive Media Project Manager, to Product Marketing Manager. The throughline remains the same: Fishman is a storyteller with a passion for building brands. 

In addition to his professional career, Marc is co-owner of Unshaven Comics, an independent publisher of original comic book material since 2008. Marc is a columnist for multiple pop culture sites, writing alongside comic book industry legends and veterans. Of equal-if-not-greater importance… he is a proud husband and father of 4 amazing little fishes (three mermen and one lil’ princess-fish).

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Destify 2022 Branding Update card

Destify is a leading destination wedding travel agency. In addition to overseeing a new content strategy, the company was seeking to update the brand and identity. With a goal to “take the tech out” of the branding to better appeal to the core audience, this new look was a welcome update that better celebrated the aim of the company — to make great memories.

Complete Brand Overhaul


Organic Lead Increase

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MedCall Plus is a brand of Call Center Sales Pro — created to better target the healthcare clientelle CCSP sought. Versus previous regionally-based marketing programs, MedCall Plus was developed as an industry-focused brand that celebrated CCSP’s medically-focused feature set.


Increase in engagement


Improvement to Pipeline

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Call Center Sales Pro card

Call Center Sales Pro is group of regionally-based full-service contact centers — offering telephone answering services, BPO, and fulfillment services. My focus was spent sunsetting smaller brands into the CCSP parent brand, and developing new go-to market strategies through specialization. 


Revenue growth

Team Members Hired and Trained

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Joint Commission Resources is the publishing / education / training arm of the Joint Commission. As the leader in global healthcare accreditation, the Joint Commission relies on JCR to develop materials to educate their large customer base. 

Events managed


Increase in Attendee Engagement

Joint Commission Resources card

Cultural and Religious Sensitivity Pocket Guide App

As the Interactive Media Project Manager at JCR, I lead the design and development of the first mobile app to be released by the company. Adapting a best-selling pocket guide into a handy application, the Cultural and Religious Sensitivity Guide allowed for content to be added quicker than traditional publication cycles to meet the demand of a continuously changing healthcare landscape.

Download JCRs Cultural and Religious Sensitivity Guide on Google Play
Download JCRs Cultural and Religious Sensitivity Guide on the Apple App Store
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Serendipity Yoga and Wellness logo

Serendipity Yoga and Wellness is a small business in the south suburbs of Chicago. Having seen work completed with the Village of Homewood, owner Liz Smith reached out for a brand refresh! After updating the logo, we collaborated on several ideas — ultimately growing the brand from a mobile studio to a brick-and-mortar studio.

Marc’s help was integral to the growth of my business. His creativity and ability to take a spark from me and turn it into a complete thought is second to none.

Liz Smith

Owner, Serendipity Yoga & Wellness

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With a career spanning the better part of 15 years now, I have a large pool of great projects completed that show the breadth of my design chops. From illustrative works to more corporate fare, here’s a smattering of other favorites (outside the ones above):

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Think Homewood

(it’s a slider!)

Think Homewood, as originally conceived by Mary Jane Maharry of Brava Public Relations, was an integrated marketing campaign to draw attention to my hometown of Homewood. With the idea to celebrate the diversity, parks, commutability, and general awesomeness that IS Homewood, Illinois! 

The idea of capturing the town in comic book format lead Maharry to my door with desire to collaborate. With Mary’s concept and my art direction, we built a campaign for the Chicago train system, and several billboards. 

While I’d thought it would just be a fun thing to do? I never thought it’d be picked up by several news outlets and give Homewood 15 minutes of fame.  


As Covered By:

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Fishtastic Family Portraits

It all started with some funny holiday cards I send to family and friends. Now it’s a side-hustle made with love.

Unshaven Comics logo

Unshaven Comics is the independent studio I own with my two brothers from other mothers. We publish original comics and graphic novels.

PokeMashups logo

During a comic con, a fan asked me to mashup Pokémon with the Power Rangers. It snowballed from there.

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